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Professional MacBook Repair Services in Burlington

macbook repair burlingtonAt Computation Ltd., we understand how vital your MacBook is to you. As a result, we are committed to delivering the highest quality professional repair services and all manners of technical support to resolve issues with your Apple products. Be it home or professional use, we strive to offer fast, efficient and cost-effective solutions through leading MacBook Repair Burlington.

Whether it’s a cracked screen, no video or sound, broken keys or trackpad,  a dead battery or a failing hard drive, our expert team of technicians help get you back to work with a professional MacBook repair in Burlington. Data transfer from your old MacBook to a new one? No problem! Our technicians at Computation Ltd. have extensive experience in MacBook repairs, cleaning, maintenance, upgrades and security for all makes and models. We take pride in our work on Apple computers and have polished our internal systems for years to make the back-end work as smooth and quick as possible.

 Contact Computation Ltd. today for a free estimate for a professional MacBook repair. We proudly provide rapid in-store and onsite MacBook repairs in Burlington and the Greater Toronto Area.

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Some Of The Apple MacBooks We Regularly Repair:

  • MacBook (13”)
  • MacBook Pro (13”, 15”, 17”)
  • Retina display MacBook Pro (13”, 15”)
  • MacBook Air (11”, 13”)

MacBook Repair Services

The classic MacBook is a fan favourite. But if you accidentally drop it while travelling or spilled a beverage on it, do not panic! Trained technicians at Computation Ltd are professionals at MacBook repair services and welcome repairs of any and all MacBook generations.

MacBook Pro Repair Services

As impressive as your MacBook Pro may be, issues such as water damage and battery problems still occur. However, our professional technicians are your go-to-experts for every generation of MacBook Pros.

MacBook Pro Retina Repair Services

The MacBook Pro Retina is one of Apple’s most popular models. However, it is not immune to issues such as water damage and battery issues. If you are experiencing trouble with your MacBook Pro Retina, call Computation Ltd. today.

MacBook Air Repair Services

Due to its sleek, lightweight design, the MacBook Air is prone to damage, such as cracked screens and water damage. Computation Ltd. technicians are skilled in an array of MacBook Air services that are reliable and won’t break the bank.



About Computation’s Repair Services in Burlington

macbook repair burlingtonApple products are among the most popular and advanced computers used in a wide variety of businesses and industries across the world. While there are always new designs and software upgrades, MacBook laptops still acquire a number of problems over time. When your software or hardware needs repair, look no further than Computation Ltd. Our team works efficiently to get every job done fast, and more importantly, correctly the first time.

You can breathe easy knowing that your expert team is working to ensure your devices stay functioning, secure and protected. Not only are our technicians experts in their field, but they also deliver exceptional customer service every time. Though based in Burlington, we provide MacBook repair services to businesses and residents across Canada, wherever you need it. 

Computation Ltd. proudly provides the best possible MacBook repairs and IT solutions to Burlington businesses of all sizes. For more information, or to speak to a repair specialist today, fill out a service form or call us at 416 629 5667.

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MacBook Repair Services

MacBook Display & LCD Replacement

Trying to read, work or write with a broken or cracked display and LCD screen can put a strain on your eyes and distract you from the task at hand. Instead of squinting through the cracks or putting pieces of sentences together, let our technicals repair or replace your screen today. Once the screen is replaced, your MacBook will look and function exactly like the day you bought it.

MacBook Keyboard Replacement

Is your MacBook’s keyboard not working properly? Is it missing keys, or are certain keys not responding when you type? You might just need to replace the whole keyboard assembly. We can replace the keyboards on any type of MacBook.

MacBook Battery Problems

Another very common repair on MacBook is the repair or replacement of the battery. If you are experiencing issues with charging or holding a charge, chances are you will need to replace the battery or charging port. Our team fixes any power issues with it comes to MacBooks.

MacBook Trackpad Replacement 

Trackpads are vital to the usability of your MacBook. If it is behaving erratically, or not working at all, we help restore it to its former glory. Simply contact Computation Ltd. or bring in your device to our store, and we will be happy to prove you with an estimate.

MacBook Water Damage Repair 

Once liquid gets into your MacBook, it can cause a wide variety of issues that hinder your productivity. It is vital that you bring your device to our technicians for professional liquid damage repairs and recovery.

MacBook Data Transfer

Safe and efficient MacBook data transfers are extremely important when upgrading to a new Macbook model. Our team saves you time and ensures your files, photos, videos and more are transferred safely.

MacBook OS Installations and Upgrades

Apple releases a new major version roughly once every year to streamline productivity and help your device run smoothly. We prepare your MacBook and download the newest update to keep you up-to-date with the latest advancements.

MacBook System, Virus and Malware Cleanup

Keep your MacBook safe with professional MacBook system, virus and malware clean up. Our team helps stop viruses from damaging your files, slowing down your Mac, and crashing entirely.

MacBook System Tune-Up

At Computation Ltd. our team completes maintenance tasks that will keep your computer running in good condition such as decluttering your files, managing your storage and regular system updates.

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Computation’s MacBook Repair Process in Burlington

  1. macbook repair burlingtonInitial inquiry, usually by phone or email
  2. Define and diagnose the issue on your MacBook
  3. Our team outlines our expected approach and various possible solutions to the issue
  4. Discuss rates and invite you to bring the MacBook to our shop for a free diagnosis and estimate, or organize an appropriate pick-up time and location
  5. Following a hands-on diagnosis, we provide you with an accurate estimate. If approved, we proceed with the agreed-upon work to your MacBook


Can You Pick-Up My MacBook?

Yes! In addition to accepting drop-offs at our Computation location at 280 Jane St in Toronto, we can also pick up your MacBook for comprehensive and professional repair services.  Our team is fully equipped with the proper material handling equipment and attitude to complete your MacBook pick-up in a timely and hassle-free manner. Simply contact Computation Ltd. today to organize a pick-up location and time, and we will send a team to retrieve your device for repairs. 

 Contact Computation to Organize Pick-Up Arrangements in Burlington


About Computation Ltd. 

Computation provides full-service MacBook repair services to businesses, corporations and residents across Canada. Our specialties include trackpad replacements, power issues, keyboard replacements, water damage, screen replacement and much more.

We’re dedicated to delivering customized, cost-effective MacBook repair Burlington to our broad base of clients across the country. As a result, we are proud to be a leading provider of repairs and technology solutions for all businesses, corporations, industries, small businesses and educational institutions. 

If you are experiencing issues with your Apple MacBook product, don’t waste another day. Call Computation Ltd. today. 


Computation Ltd. provides professional MacBook repair services to businesses and facilities in cities around Canada including North York, Scarborough, Milton, Ajax, Newmarket and Barrie.