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Predictive Heatmap WiFi & Predictive Survey WiFi

If your organization is building out a new facility that will require multiple wifi access points, expanding or upgrading coverage in a new facility or dealing with shortfalls in coverage, now is the time to complete a comprehensive predictive survey wifi and audit, also known as a predictive heatmap wifi. Using specialized survey software, compatible with all makes and models of WiFi access points (Cisco, Ubiquiti, Meraki, Aruba etc.), our wifi surveyors will produce a comprehensive report modelling your desired WiFi coverage and identifying the optimal make, model and locations of your WiFi Access Points. This will be displayed in an overlay on top of your facility/office floorplan (similar to the figure on the right), with WiFi access point locations clearly laid out.

Predictive Heatmap WiFi Contents

  • Predictive Heatmap WiFi / Coverage
  • WiFi Access Point (WAP or AP) locations
  • Recommended make, model and count
  • Cable length, type, and approximate path
  • Core networking requirements (eg. as applicable, make and model of: controller, switch, firewall, router, rack, and UPS
  • MDF, IDF rack and/or cabinet locating, mounting technique, and internal elevations
  • Cable management requirement
  • Updated Floor Plan with AP locations and cable runs marked

Following analysis and discussion of the predictive survey wifi results, we will be able to finalize initial recommendations into an actionable plan in consultation with your IT team. This installation plan can be turned over to your procurement and/or installation teams (which we can also provide if required). Contact Computation to schedule a professional predictive heatmap wifi and wifi installation.

WiFi HeatmapWiFi Survey / Wifi Heatmap / Predictive Survey WiFi / Predictive Heatmap WiFi
In addition to wifi setup and predictive survey wifi, our network team tests, certifies, labels and organizes the cabling which supports your wifi access points. We can assess your PoE system to ensure that you have adequate power distribution to the APs, and make recommendations to remedy any shortfalls. Finally, we can ensure that patch cabling is organized, and that your rack or cabinet, and the devices in them, are properly ventilated and supported by back up power. If you have any questions, contact Computation today.

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