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e-waste pick-up

Technology Recycling Centre and e-Waste Pickup in Toronto

At Computation Ltd. we know that half the battle of properly disposing of your electronic waste, or having data destroyed, often lies in the logistics of moving the equipment. Our team is fully equipped with the proper material handling equipment and attitude to complete your e-waste pick-up in a timely and hassle free manner. Contact us to make arrangements, from coast-to-coast in Canada.

Whether you require pick-up of pallets from your warehouse dock, loose equipment from your 20th floor office, decommissioning of your server room, or you would like to deliver quantities large and small directly to Computation Ltd. facilities, we are here to serve you.

Since 2001 the Computation team has completed over 2,000 projects including office de-installations and warehouse clear-outs. For more information on how we might serve you best simply contact us, and in a very short time we’ll devise a plan to complete your e-waste pick-up, or make arrangements for drop-off at one of our facilities.

Asset Management & Reporting

Each organization differs in its waste profile and reporting & certification priorities. Lets us tailor our services to fit your environmental, privacy ad financial requirements.

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Recycling Computers & e-Waste

At Computation Ltd. we take great pride in the waste diversion ratio we achieve by processing computer and electronic waste by applying the 3Rs.

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Data Destruction

At Computation Ltd. we have developed our secure data destruction and threat analysis services to eliminate the liability associated with data theft and loss.

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