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Virus Cleaning and Malware Removal in Canada

Computation Ltd.’s technicians provide virus cleaning and malware removal for our customers, home and office users, on a daily basis. Not only do we clean up your device, we also leave your computer better protected so it is less likely to be infected for the future. We install a combination of software applications, each having its own specialization in what it cleans up and protects against. In addition to that, our technicians will coach you on the ways to most safely use your computer.

We apply these solutions in homes and offices of various sizes. The basic premise of end-point security stays the same, only the security software changes. We understand the importance of securing a server or accounting system, or a ‘work computer’ compared to an entertainment system. While we provide extra measures for these systems, with some of the aggressive threats out there, it is important to secure all devices on your network. Aside from end-point security, as part of securing your systems we can also advise on and install back-up systems to more easily recover from an attack, and network security appliances, such as firewalls.

Things to Keep in Mind

Keeping your digital life safe, secure and running efficiently is not just a matter of virus cleaning and prevention or malware removal, it also involves some street smarts. When in doubt, don’t let anyone you don’t know or trust take control of your computer, remotely or otherwise. As with candy, do not open email attachments from strangers. Don’t provide your credit card, PIN, or financial or system passwords to any of the above either. It is better to be safe than sorry. Security threats can come via all possible approaches. Threats can come by phone, email, chat windows, or simply by clicking OK to a message from an unfamiliar website, or one that looks familiar but is a little off-looking.

If you have questions about virus cleaning, malware removal our services in general, or even if you are wondering whether your system or specific account have been compromised, feel free to contact Computation for more information, we’d be happy to help.

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